What is an accountability partner?

Accountability PartnershipAn accountability partner is a person who helps another individual stay on track to reach their goal and keep their commitments. As a person implements their action plan, they check in with their accountability partner and report on their progress and collaborate together as they work towards achieving their goals and objectives.

For example, let’s say you created an action plan around losing weight and decided to limit your diet to 2000 calories per day and exercise three times a week. Your accountability partner would be made aware of this action plan and you may send them a text or email every evening indicating how many calories you consumed that day and if you exercised.

Accountability Partnership In Action

Depending on what you and your accountability partner decide, maybe you have a brief conversation twice a week to recap your progress and any challenges you experienced. You and your accountability partner may also collaborate on strategies to help you overcome some of the challenges you experience as you implement your action plan.

What Makes For A Good Accountability Partner:

29579990_mlYour accountability partner should be someone whom you trust and has your best interest. They need to be understanding and not take it personally if you didn’t meet your objective.

And when you don’t meet an objective from your action plan (as this inevitably happens from time to time), your accountability partner needs to be able to help you explore what came in-between you and meeting your objective in a non-judgmental and non-accusatory manner.

The Challenges

As you can imagine, this is not an easy task for many people to do, especially when the accountability partner is deep in the challenges you experience as is often the case when the accountability partner is a parent, family member, or significant other.

How I Do It

I provide accountability partnership to all of my clients in-between sessions to help turn good intentions into meaningful action. You will not report to me as you would to a supervisor, teacher, or a parent, but rather as your partner and collaborator.

Clients are never made to feel guilty or inadequate for not fulfilling a commitment; however, they will be asked to explore what mechanisms resulted in not fulfilling their commitment. I aim to have my clients understand what actions could have been done differently and how to prevent similar outcomes from reoccurring.

I don’t have clients dwell on their missteps; instead, we acknowledge them, design systems to prevent them from reoccurring, and then we move forward.

I am happy to provide this significant benefit to my clients at no additional cost.

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