ADD Crusher Review

With literally tens of millions of individuals affected by ADHD, its no wonder that an entire industry exists to meet the various needs of those suffering from the condition. One product that stands out amongst the sea of how-to books, planners, reminders, and apps is the ADD Crusher series by Alan Brown.

While many individuals initially look for solutions to their ADHD symptoms in books, ADD Crusher is a 10-part video series that focuses on the major areas impacted by ADHD. The videos can be accessed immediately online and are accompanied by a PDF workbook to help implement the strategies.

A number of things make this product unique, not the least of which is Alan himself, a self-proclaimed “mess to success ADDer.”  The video segments are very informative yet relatively short, with each “lesson” lasting 10 minutes or less.

This straight-to-the-point format makes the content easy to digest and thus one never experiences information overload. Alan’s humor and sassy presentation style keeps viewers engaged but at the end of the day it really does deliver valuable information.

Like most things, internalizing something new requires repeated exposure and this product is no different. The video series is actually designed to be watched over and over and Alan makes a point of reminding the viewer of that. Each module also ends with an action plan and the viewer is urged to implement the action plan immediately upon watching the video.

One of the elements I found very valuable in the series were the explanations provided WHY people with ADHD do what they do. I think people are more inclined to buy-in to a process when their understanding behind their patterns are revealed instead of just being told what to do. To that end, each module does a good job of explaining the rationale behind the action plan and never makes the viewer feel inadequate or broken for their ADHD-based behaviors.

That said, there may be shortcomings to this product for some individuals. The ADD Crusher series is billed as a “Virtual ADD Coach”, however, for many people with ADHD, persistence or “stick-to-itiveness” is a major challenge and this product does not answer that call. While Alan firmly urges viewers to view the videos over and over and immediately implement the action plans, this may be easier said than done for many people that would buy this product.

Overall, I am a big fan of the Crusher series and would recommend it to my clients. While how-to books will work for some people, there is clearly a need to visually deliver strategies to manage ADHD and it is here where the Crusher series shines. The videos are humorous and relevant yet short enough to capture the fickle attention spans of the people it aims to benefit. While this product might disappoint those looking for a quick fix to their ADHD symptoms, at least there is a 100% money-back guarantee for those who do not find what they’re looking for.

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