Give Your College Student the Power to Reclaim Their Structure and Accountability so They Can Reach Their Full Potential

21236158_mlA chilling discovery by The Journal of Learning revealed that just 5% of college students with ADHD will obtain their degree vs. a graduation rate of 41 percent of their non-ADHD peers.

This is unacceptable, but when you consider all the challenges a student with ADHD is likely to encounter immediately upon entering college, it’s not surprising.

Here are just a few of the demands that are thrown at college students with no safety net:

  • Independently manage their time and organize materials
  • Independently pick classes to meet degree requirements
  • Pay bills on time
  • Regulate impulsive urges and resist constant social temptations that directly compete with schoolwork production and studying demands
  • Independently determine and meet sleep, nutritional, and exercise needs
  • Independently study hours of complex reading material, attend classes with varying schedules, take copious notes, prepare assignments
  • Access on-campus resources such as the library, tutoring services, study groups, and counseling completely on their own

Considering the dramatically increased demands and immediate removal of structure and support that most students experience when they enter college, it’s no surprise that so many college students with ADHD never make it past their first year in school, let alone graduate with a degree.

15410305_mlThink about it. Your 18 year old is in their sanctuary, at home under your watchful eye, safely embedded in your structured environment…when suddenly, as if thrown into the deep end of the pool, they are thrust into a life of independence along with hundreds or thousands of other 18 year olds in their college dorm–with little or no supervision.

Given your child’s challenges with delayed gratification and planning for the future, if they were presented with:

Option A: studying for a test

Option B: going to a party

…which would they choose?

What problems will their choices present and do they possess the ability and self-awareness to manage all of this on their own?

“Having Eran support and mentor my daughter that first year in college was the best decision I made.” – T. Vaughn, Parent

What’s at stake if they consistently make poor choices?

College student coaching, especially for someone with ADHD, can without a doubt be the difference between success and failure.

Successfully helping students with ADHD is a challenge because it requires becoming highly knowledgeable in many different areas.  Working with college students only complicates the matter as college students have their own unique needs that go beyond academics and often include a host of new responsibilities and tempting distractions.

I have developed a research-based approach to working with students with ADHD who are underperforming in school.

My philosophy to working with my student clients is to not only provide them with the tools, strategies, and skills they desperately need to succeed in school, but just as important if perhaps not more so, my service is centered on my clients taking ownership over their academics through accountability.

The emphasis on accountability is incredibly effective and my clients work with me to develop and design the structure and accountability that went missing when they left home.

My service for college students with ADHD is designed to help students:

  • Master time management skills so deadlines are consistently met
  • Conquer procrastination
  • Develop strong organizational skills
  • Create an effective balance between academics and social pursuits
  • Learn advanced study skills designed to meet the increased demands and rigors of college
  • Plan for mundane but necessary self-care tasks such as laundry, medication regimens, household cleaning, exercise, and sleep
  • Reduce screen time
  • Increase independence through self-advocacy and a mindset of self-reliance
  • Earn good grades
  • Take ownership over their academics

Having the experience of working with so many students in a variety of different universities and declared majors means that I am typically several steps ahead of my clients and can identify problems before they ever occur.

College will always present significant challenges for the student with ADHD, but with my coaching they will not only get a fighting chance, they will recapture their ability to succeed on their own terms.

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