19466641_mlExecutive functioning skills are responsible for planning, organization, and time management as well as other higher-order functions. Students with deficits in this area are often described as disorganized and mislabeled lazy or procrastinators when in fact they may be suffering from poorly developed executive functioning skills. These students frequently fail to turn in homework assignments and projects, constantly lose papers, and are rarely prepared for exams. I work with students to develop strong executive functioning skills that benefit not only their academics, but better their lives in general.

30635906_mlI teach effective planning and organizational strategies that are consistent with each student’s personality and lifestyle. I teach my clients how keep and maintain an organized backpack, plan and strategize for tests and projects in advance, keep track of all their responsibilities, and avoid procrastination. My clients are able to perform these tasks because of my ability to tap into their innate desire to do well and the individualized tools and strategies I provide them to successfully act on their good intentions.

Executive Functioning Skills:

  • Planning
  • Organization
  • Time management
  • Decision Making
  • Prioritization
  • Task Initiation (Procrastination)
  • Persistence (Motivation)

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