Does it ever feel like all you do is work?

Perhaps you have a demanding job or run your own business and are struggling to keep up with the never-ending demands placed upon you. You work through lunch, work at home, and find yourself thinking or worrying about work even when you aren’t actually working.

The things that are important to you like your family, your health, and your personal interests have all taken a backseat to the relentless demands on your time. It would be nice to enjoy the fruits of your labor but instead you feel guilty about everything else that you are not getting done or hear the nagging of projects past due from clients.
Maybe you tried to implement time management strategies but they either didn’t suit your personality (overly regimented or too cumbersome) or they didn’t meet the challenges facing you and your unique needs.
This isn’t what you hoped your career would be like at this point in your life and yet here you are….overwhelmed, anxious, and convinced there must be a better way.
Fortunately, there is a better way.

Working with a time management coach to address your work-related demands can be the difference between feeling perpetually overwhelmed and feeling in control and ready to move forward with purpose and confidence.

Time management and productivity coaching may be right for you if:

  • You constantly feel like you are running behind and frequently find yourself in a reactive mode
  • You have so many things to do, simply knowing what to work on first often becomes a huge challenge
  • You find yourself only getting things done at the last minute
  • You struggle to effectively delegate work to others
  • You are distracted by constantly checking incoming messages from email, texts, or social media
  • You rely on memory, post-it notes, scraps of paper, napkins, etc. to keep track of what you need to do
  • You experience challenges with planning, prioritization, and organization
  • You experience constant demands placed upon you by others and often feel out of control over your own schedule
  • The things that are most important to you keep getting pushed back at the expense of work-related obligations
  • You are struggling to meet the demands brought upon by a new job, a new child or relationship, or a new business
  • You believe that your earning potential and career advancement opportunities are held back by a lack of effective time management skills

The reality is that many busy professionals never acquired effective time management skills. These individuals often carry with them a tremendous sense of guilt over what they are not getting done as well as feel a sense of shame over letting others down.

What most people do not realize is that time management is not an intuitive process.

Many incredibly bright and highly intelligent professionals poorly manage their deadlines using strategies that are sorely inadequate for the overwhelming number of demands that are placed upon them.

I am Eran Grayson, M.A., Time Management and Productivity Coach. You may have noticed on my website that I also provide time management services to students with ADHD and wondered about the connection between time management and ADHD and where I fit into this picture.

I am a time management and executive functioning expert with a background in education and mental health. Explained simply, ADHD is an executive functioning disorder and deficits in time management, planning, organization, as well as other executive functions responsible for being “productive” are at the core of ADHD. By approaching time management from a scientific background, my clients can be confident that my service is based on what has been actually shown to work as opposed to the latest trends in productivity products and services.

“Eran did a fantastic job helping our executive identify and develop solutions to bottlenecks in her task management workflow,  prioritize her time, delegate more effectively, and anticipate potential issues before they ever turned into problems” – Nancy Nguyen, Human Resources Director

The time management coaching service I offer busy professionals is a research-based 12-week 1-on-1 program that from the very beginning is tactical, strategic, and action-oriented. The whole idea behind this service is to teach high-level task management in an easy to follow, step-by-step format, that not only demystifies what it looks like to efficiently get things done, but more importantly, how to prioritize your time so the right things are always completed. This is a “teach a person to fish” approach that will continually pay for itself as the knowledge my clients acquire is theirs to implement for the rest of their lives.

My time management and productivity coaching program is designed for people who wish to:

  • Master the science of time management
  • Reclaim a significant amount of time on a daily basis
  • Learn to effectively prioritize and delegate tasks
  • Reduce anxiety and overwhelm resulting from mounting deadlines and obligations
  • Manage distractions from email, social media, smartphones, and other technologies
  • Get organized and develop simple planning strategies that are not complicated to use
  • Set and reach goals at work and in their personal lives
  • Create a balance in their lives that is sorely missing
  • Get a lot more done!
Life does not have to be so difficult. You have options. Just beyond the horizon are real solutions, and as your time management coach, I can help you attain them so you can live a more productive, successful, and joyful life.
Schedule your phone consultation with Eran to determine if time management coaching is right for you.