All too often, bright kids and their parents experience the frustration of poor grades on exams in spite of spending countless hours studying. More often than not, these students lack efficient study skills and have the potential to excel tremendously with strategic support in this area.

Below is merely a sample of test taking skills or practices that successful students regularly utilize and implement in preparation for exams:

  • Accurately predict what will likely be on the test
  • Be able to differentiate main ideas from details
  • Create study aides to help either memorize or practice concepts and ideas the test will cover
  • Take good notes during lecture and regularly review and consolidate them
  • Develop awareness of the concepts the test will likely cover that are not currently mastered but need to be prior to a test
  • Identify patterns in the manner their teacher\professor constructs their tests and use those patterns to help prepare for subsequent tests
  • Analyze what went wrong in previous tests to better prepare for future tests
  • Create self-tests by converting their notes into a question\answer format and test themselves on the material
  • Begin to study for major tests at least 4-5 days in advance

How many of the test taking skills above do you (or your child) currently practice or possess?

Where Do We Begin?

15228612_mlWhen working with a new client, I initially assess their study skills and habits and current approach to academics in order to identify strengths and areas for growth.

I also like to get the student’s grade breakdown in all subjects to identify their performance in the various academic areas of homework, classwork, tests\quizzes, projects, etc.

With this information I have a clear picture of how the client approaches their academics and I am then able to fill in the gaps and help with the necessary strategies and guidance to make lasting change.

Study Skills:

  • Note taking skills
  • Organization and planning
  • Test taking strategies
  • Memory strategies
  • Test preparation
  • Overcoming test anxiety
  • Breaking complex tasks into manageable chunks

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