ADHD Coaching is a rapidly growing field that looks to guide people toward successfully making changes in their lives and achieving goals. Through personalized assistance and support, an ADHD coach helps their client focus on where they are now, where they want to be, and how to best get there.

How Does ADHD Coaching Actually Work?

ADHD Coaching is different from consulting. In a consultant-based relationship, the consultant tells the client what to do and the client is expected to carry out the consultant’s directives. This process, while having significant benefits when dealing with an expert, has the major disadvantage that the solutions provided by the consultant may not work for the client.

ADHD Coaching, on the ot19466652_mlher hand, is an inquiry-based approach that allows individuals to find solutions to their own challenges as opposed to being told what to do by another person.

Effective ADHD coaching is rooted in a trusting partnership between coach and client which results in giving clients the power to become self-aware, allowing for easier decision-making and action taking to usher in a more fulfilled life.

ADHD coaching’s goal is to address the daily challenges of living with ADHD by helping people to carry out their daily lives in a way that is more organized and goal-oriented.

A Coach Can Help An Adult With ADHD:

1. Feel supported in a non-judgmental environment that is 100% focused on the client’s needs
2. Transform abstract goals into more solid actions
3. Stay focused on attaining identified goals

The Role of the ADHD Coach

The success or failure of the ADHD coaching process is dependent on two primary variables: the natural talent and experience of the coach and the client’s openness to the coaching process.

Being a successful ADHD coach presents unique challenges. Not only does the coach need to be an expert in ADHD, it also requires the coach to have developed a deep appreciation for the lifelong emotional toll that is common to people suffering from ADHD.

My role is to be an active listener and bring a unique point of view that is based on my extensive knowledge of ADHD and years of experience transforming the lives of those suffering from this condition.

I understand your pain and will provide you with a safe, non-judgmental environment, while listening with an ADHD frame of reference. We will explore how to make the most of your inherent strengths, talents, and passions, while introducing innovative strategies custom fit to your unique style for learning and living.

Let me help you develop a solid foundation and create a do-able structure to meet your goals and objectives. You will develop a more concrete roadmap to success as you start to meet the various demands that may be eluding you today.

The Possibilities:

12669533_mlImagine what ideas, innovation, and creativity can happen when your current levels of anxiety are no longer taking up residence in your mind. It’s truly an exciting concept to think about and one you will want to take action on right away. Enough time has passed.

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